Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FishersLog Report for Saturday, September 21 2013

Trip Start: Saturday Sep 21, 2013 7:30 AM
Trip End: Saturday Sep 21, 2013 2:00 PM
Location: Port Chester - Long Island Sound (Boat,Saltwater)  
Weather Wind: NW at 0-5 mph, 60 Degrees(F) Mostly Cloudy and Drizzle, Barometer Unknown
Sunrise: 6:41 am Sunset: 6:54 pm Waning Gibbeous Moon, 95% illuminated Full Moon 2 days ago, 3rd Quarter Moon in 6 days
Moonrise: 8:00 pm Moonset: 8:58 am
Water Conditions Wave Height: 0 Feet Wave Type: Normal Water Temperature: 60 Degrees(F) Water Clarity: Cloudy High Tide at 1:13 PM  
Catch Data (3) Porgy 2.0 Pounds 15.0 Inches Method:Hi-Lo Rig with squid strip Fish Comments: No bite on the inchiku jigs, all bites were on bait, 3 keepers caught.  
Trip rating = 3  

Comments: Fishing with Snow Goose 2, Capt Kevin Reynolds. I was totally prepared for fluking on this trip, then I was notified by the mate that the capt would only target porgies after I boarded, so I had to make some last minute change-ups on hooks and rigs. Changed from size 3 hooks to size 1 or 2 (Porgies have a small mouth). Glad it worked out at the end! 3 porgies caught, all keepers! Tip of the day: ALWAYS CALL THE CAPT BEFORE YOU GO!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Lovely Dinner @ Lao Sze Chuan(老四川)

Lao Sze Chuan is one of our favorite Chinese-cusine places in the States.

The restaurant was very casual with big tables set up for family style dining. The service was matter-of-fact and also friendly.
Ning & I went back this time with mom in town. The food ranged from mediocre to truly delicious with enough good dishes to warrant a return trip.

On the whole, I feel the appetizers were stronger than the mains. The ox tongue and tripe with hot sauce(夫妻肺片)was one of the best dishes of the night, well, every night! It was, sadly, the only thing that was truly spicy, with chili oil that really coated and numbed the tongue. It wasn't just hot, though, it was delicious. This may have been the best tripe I've ever had, with just the right amount of chew, and the tongue was thinly sliced and lean.
The best main dish that we had last night was the deep-fried green beans (干煸四季豆). It was perfectly cooked & served. Even though it is not one of those spicy dishes, but it is still a true Chinese Sze Chuan style dish. I don't think you will get a different or even better taste in China. Two thumbs up!! With several other dishes, we enjoyed a really nice summer dinner near the beachside in Milford.

& Here are some of the photoshots from last nite:

Mom is in the town!!!

"Bring it!" Faces to true delicious Chinese Foooooooooood.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding wishes from our friends!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you, Jeff & Lauren! You guys are the best!

Thank you, Asha!

Globex, Thank you all!!!

Rafe's wishes from 日本.

LEARNin' via SHOPPin'

While everyone is waiting for the new "District 9" movie comin' out, it is interesting that an opportunity came across, and I got to find out the camera that Peter Jackson chose to shoot this master piece, RED ONE.

Just to name a few movies that was shot by this amazingly valued camera: Greenzone...Angels&Demons...The Book of Eli...Knowing...etc.
My buddy Ray will be using this setup to shoot a movie in Dalian to tell a story about the Chinese street racers... Modifying vehicles is banned by law in China, therefore many Chinese youngsters are being pushed to race on the street...well...illegally... So the purpose of making this movie is trying to make an effort to clean up the street, while creating a healthy & safe racing environment for these racing enthusiasts. And let's hopin the Red One will use its eye to capture every footage of the success.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jie, Alex, MKV R32s.

Here they are, two R32s standing by for their new advantures...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Lazy Saturday...

The new Peter Jackson's movie "District 9" is amazing as I mentioned in the earlier post, however, the super late schedule totally messed up this sunny Saturday. And I've been feeling lazy & tired all day long... But Enoch introduced me to a real good Mexican place near Italian Market in S. Philly, and I had a real Mexican imported Coca-Cola, & he had some fancy Mexican domestic soda drink which I don't remember the name of it.
Cannot believe that I'm heading off to OHIO Monday morning, PUMP UP & GET READY!

Seriously, this is what I need for the trip...a whole stack of RedBull...pic taken at Northern Liberty Square.

SO... it has finally arrived!!!

So... After the endless waiting...about 3 days:目, my own LUXO junior was finally delivered by a brown UPS truck! & The outcome? This master piece is just purely classic & amazing.
The light itself IS a bit bigger than I was expecting, but it still balances off my working area perfectly.
Here are some pics of the exciting un-packaging & its current look...
BTW, District 9 is the best 09 summer movie I've seen so far!!!

Completed setup of the desk.

Solid base. Italian made & great detailed.

Here comes the LUXO L1!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Luxo L-1, the all-time classic

Italian-Made Luxo L-1, a prime example of how versatility, quality and stylish design produce a product of such long-lasting popularity. The world’s original architect lamp designed in 1937 by Luxo. Since its creation, 25 million L-1 luminaires have been sold worldwide, and L-1 has been distinguished by most of the prestigious awards in the world of industrial design. Unique design, ingenious lighting properties and a flexible spring balanced arm have earned L-1 a place among the world’s all time classics. In production for over 70 years, Jac Jacobsen’s Luxo L-1 Desk Lamp is widely regarded as the forerunner of all self-balancing desk lamps. The often-copied Luxo has not only won numerous awards, it was the subject of Pixar’s first animated short, and is now immortalized as that cutting-edge animation company’s logo. Featuring a flexible, spring-balanced arm, the simple shade provides direct lighting for workspace or bedside table.