Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Luxo L-1, the all-time classic

Italian-Made Luxo L-1, a prime example of how versatility, quality and stylish design produce a product of such long-lasting popularity. The world’s original architect lamp designed in 1937 by Luxo. Since its creation, 25 million L-1 luminaires have been sold worldwide, and L-1 has been distinguished by most of the prestigious awards in the world of industrial design. Unique design, ingenious lighting properties and a flexible spring balanced arm have earned L-1 a place among the world’s all time classics. In production for over 70 years, Jac Jacobsen’s Luxo L-1 Desk Lamp is widely regarded as the forerunner of all self-balancing desk lamps. The often-copied Luxo has not only won numerous awards, it was the subject of Pixar’s first animated short, and is now immortalized as that cutting-edge animation company’s logo. Featuring a flexible, spring-balanced arm, the simple shade provides direct lighting for workspace or bedside table.

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